Bellavista Day Centre will close for the Christmas break on Thursday 23rd December 2021.

'Due to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation, the re-opening date is yet to be determined and a decision will be taken in the New Year on the basis of Public Health advice at that time.'

'As in previous years, Bella Vista’s Outreach Team will actively work to minimise the impact that the Christmas closure may have on the service users, relatives and carers. A dedicated team will be available from Monday to Friday between 09.00hrs and 17.00hrs to support and assist Bellavista Service users and their families with any concerns they may have and are encouraged to contact the Outreach team and inform them of any significant changes in health conditions or current medical treatment during this period.'

The Outreach Team can be contacted on the following numbers:

• Reception: 20007981/20007927

• Nurses: 20072266 Ext: 3471

'Additionally, the team will be contacting all service users or their families and carers on a regular basis. The GHA’s Memory Clinic will also continue to provide consultations and the service will be risk assessed as per COVID-19 incidence in community.'

The GHA would like to thank Bella Vista service users, families and carers for their understanding and cooperation in this matter.

The Minister for Health, Samantha Sacramento, said: “Bellavista Day Centre will close for Christmas as normal but its reopening date will not be announced until an informed decision can be made by the Director of Public Health in respect of the COVID-19 situation as it stands in the New Year. As always, the support of dedicated staff will continue throughout the Christmas period. The Outreach Team, as in previous years, is already prepared to assist service users and their families should they need it”.