The Ministry of Transport has announced the installation of a new mobility scooter charging point at Casemates Square, opposite the International Commercial Centre (ICC).

The charging point has been delivered upon the request from the Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association to be used solely as an emergency topping up station for mobility scooters that might not have enough battery to reach their destination or home.

The mobility scooter charging point will be operational at all hours of the day, and new users must register with the Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association to be granted access to use the charging point with an on/off key. The contact details of the Association can be found at

The Minister of Transport, The Hon Paul Balban, said: “As part of the Government’s manifesto commitment to provide topping up points for mobility scooters in town, I am extremely pleased to complete the installation of this new charging point at the heart of the town, to assist any persons experiencing battery issues with their mobility scooter. We have come a long way since the initial request came from the Gibraltar Senior Citizens Association, where many products and proposals were tabled but were not simply viable technically and logistically. I am extremely thankful for their patience and glad the right product meticulously identified to resolve their issues”.