The Specialised Committee on Gibraltar, which was established under the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement, met for the first time this morning. The meeting was conducted virtually.

This is one of six such Committees that were established by the Withdrawal Treaty. The others are on Northern Ireland, the Sovereign Bases in Cyprus, Citizens’ Rights, Financial Provisions and Other Separation Provisions.

The Committee on Gibraltar, and all the others, are populated by officials from the United Kingdom and from the European Union, which are the two signatories.

The Government of Gibraltar was represented by the Attorney General Michael Llamas and the Director of Gibraltar House in Brussels Daniel D’Amato.

The role of the Specialised Committees is to oversee both the UK and the EU implementation of the terms of the exit treaty.

The United Kingdom and Gibraltar explained the positive work and engagement on the areas covered by the four MOUs following the meeting that took place in Algeciras in February.

It was confirmed that the next meetings of the MoU Committees will take place in Gibraltar.