As part of a review and a modernisation of the Housing Department, various methods for payment of rent are being offered as alternatives to queueing at the counter.

A Govt spokesperson said that this was with a view to delivering services to the public in a more efficient manner.

Tenants are encouraged to take up the following payment methods as alternatives to payment in cash and in person :


1. Standing orders

2. Online payments on the Government’s portal

3. Deductions at source from employer

4. Deductions from pensions

'Since initiatives commenced to seek alternatives to cash payments in 2016 there has been a significant increase in the number of tenants have already arranged to pay via alternatives to cash. The majority of tenants no longer pay house rent in person. However, the department continues to see almost half of the people who do attend the counters paying by card or cheque. This shows that these tenants have bank accounts, therefore, tenants are encouraged to take up any of the available alternatives to payment of rent.

In light of this, the temporary counter at the Royal Gibraltar Post Office that offers an additional rent collection counter service for one week in the month, will in the future be relocated back the Housing Department. Housing Department staff will be at thePost Office all weekassisting tenants who may wish to pay by standing order or online and explaining the processes.

Anyone who wishes to continue making rent payments in person may continue to do so at the Housing Department office at 79/80 Harbour Walk, New Harbours. These offices are entirely accessible. There is lift access from the parking deck and the ground floor deck. Free parking for a maximum of 2 hours can be found at the blue parking zones at New Harbours parking deck. The Department can also be accessed by the free bus service, on routes number 3, 4 and 9.'