The United Kingdom Government has today issued a White Paper entitled “The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union” which sets out proposals of the United Kingdom Government in that regard.

There are a number of references to Gibraltar and to the UK Overseas Territories in the document.

Page 7: Executive Summary

“...ensuring the deal delivers for the Crown Dependencies, Gibraltar and the other Overseas Territories, noting there will be no change in their long-standing relationships with the UK.

Page 15: Chapter 1 – Economic Partnership

The UK will be seeking specific arrangements for the Crown Dependencies, Gibraltar and the other Overseas Territories. These arrangements should take account of the significant and mutually beneficial economic ties between these economies and EU Member States, including their overseas countries and territories.”

Page 34: Streamlined border arrangements and administrative procedures

Streamlined arrangements are particularly important at the Gibraltar-Spain border, which is crossed every day by thousands of people from other Member States”.

Page 96: Accountability at home

This also means that the future relationship would be consistent with the UK’s commitment to deliver for the whole UK family, including the devolved administrations, and the Governments of the Overseas Territories and the Crown Dependencies. The future relationship with the EU will have implications for the existing structures of Joint Ministerial Committees being discussed as part of the joint review of Intergovernmental Relations. The UK Government will work with the devolved administrations to ensure that any modifications to the existing arrangements reflect the new relationship between the UK and the EU. The UK Government will continue to engage with the Governments of the Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories through the Joint Ministerial Councils and the Chief Ministers’ Quarterly.

Page 97: Conclusion and next steps

“...meeting the needs of the wider UK family, including the Crown Dependencies and the Overseas Territories.

The Government said it welcomes the references to Gibraltar and to the Overseas Territories in the document.

A Govt spokesperson said that the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister look forward to continuing to work in close partnership with the United Kingdom as we prepare to leave the European Union.