On Thursday 5th October 2017, Commissioner of Police Eddie Yome QPM CPM presented Mr Arseniy Ladusan with a Commissioner’s Certificate of Commendation.

Mr Ladusan, who is currently residing in Gibraltar, was commended for his selfless actions when on the evening of Friday 29th September 2017 whilst snorkelling at Camp Bay he noticed a fully clothed young man jump into the sea. Mr Ladusan swam towards the young man and realised that the he seemed irrational and intent on ending his own life. As the young man began to swim out to sea Mr Ladusan swam out with him and at great risk to himself remained with the young man and assisted him in remaining afloat until a Police vessel arrived at the scene and recovered both men from the water.

The young man who was found to have weighed himself down with rocks was subsequently admitted to Ocean Views Mental Health Facility.