The Gibraltar Mental  Welfare Society is delighted to hear that Ocean Views Mental Health Facility has established an after hours on-call service for service users living within the community.

The Society has long held that this was a very much needed service to ensure that any issues, which could lead to more complex difficulties, could be dealt with promptly. Service users and family members have been making representations for a number of years and this was clearly set out in their summary survey of 2015.

'We are equally pleased', said Conchita Triay, "that the GHA has acquired a flat which can be used to help service users transition into community living, hopefully looking towards supported housing, which again are two issues the society has been campaigning for strongly for a number of years."

The Society looks forward to discussing these issues further with the GHA and to continue to pursue a number of other issues, which still require attention, including supported employment, The Mental Health Capacity Act, specific support for young people and the provision of a dedicated counselling service for schools, and further improvements to accessing of benefits.

The Society hopes to continue addressing issues with Minister for Health, Neil Costa soon, and will be meeting with a group of young people to discuss their concerns.