A music video by popular Reggae artist Maxi Priest, produced in co-operation with the Gibraltar Tourist Board, has been received online with great success.

The video was released via Visit Gibraltar, the official Gibraltar Tourist Board Facebook page, and the official HM Government of Gibraltar Facebook page, as part of the Government’s tourism marketing strategy.

Since it was posted at 10:30am on 3rd August, the video has been viewed more than 86,000 times. Many of these are unique viewers, meaning users who have watched the video once. A quarter of the video’s watch time has come from the United Kingdom, and it has been watched by Facebook users from as far away as New York, California and Ontario.

Maxi Priest has since shared the original post on his own page, and views are expected to rise over the weekend. Overall, the post has been shared over 1400 times; an online action that is at the centre of Visit Gibraltar’s marketing strategy. The long term impact is tangible as the video has directly and organically (without a financial investment) resulted in an increase of 220 followers on the Visit Gibraltar Facebook page and 150 followers on the HM Government of Gibraltar Facebook page. This represent a new, extended and permanent audience for all other marketing, messaging and tourist information posted to both these pages in the future.

Visit Gibraltar calls on all Gibraltarians, friends of Gibraltar and visitors to Gibraltar to take ownership of the promotion of our tourist product. The reach and positive reception of Maxi Priest’s video is evidence of the power of social media as a marketing and promotional too, but it is a strategy that is dependent on the active engagement of individual users. The Government encourages the active ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ of Maxi Priest’s video and other posts on the Visit Gibraltar page in order to expand its reach as a platform for tourism promotion.

The Visit Gibraltar Facebook Page can be accessed at: https://www.facebook.com/visitgibraltar