The traffic speed cameras came into operation on 20th April 2017, and up to Sunday 7th May, a period of grace was given by the RGP. Notwithstanding, the Royal Gibraltar Police have stated that warning letters have been sent to offending motorists.

During this timeframe, the speed cameras have detected the following offending vehicles in the various locations deployed;

Motorcars: 234

Goods Vehicle (over 35kmh): 93

PSV’s (over 35kmh): 37

Motorcycles: 189

In addition to this, the RGP have explained that the system has identified particularly serious speeding and driving offences which have not gone without further investigation.

"In one case a male motorcyclist was detected at very high speeds on two separate occasions on a front facing camera (which does not detect rear number plates) within a period of 40 minutes in broad daylight and another instance of speeding within minutes of these two. He has since been identified and charged with all offences."

"In another case a male motorcyclist was again identified by front facing cameras speeding on 6 separate occasions within a short period of time, including two at very high speeds and one in which he was riding the motorcycle with its front wheel raised off the ground (commonly known as a ‘wheelie’). He has been reported for six counts of speeding, two counts of dangerous driving at a speed which was considered dangerous to the public, and one count of dangerous driving in a manner which was dangerous to the public."