The GHA has introduced a new medical app for its clinicians that will enable them to access pathology test results much more easily wherever they are, on their smart phones and other mobile devices, 24 hours a day. The recently introduced Modulab app is safe, easy to use, password protected, encrypted and follows best practice as applied in other locations.

The app will provide additional and enhanced means of retrieving information to those methods already in existence, and will also allow the clinician to directly contact the patient simply by pressing an icon on the app.

Until now, doctors and health professionals could access the pathology laboratory information database online via a computer at the hospital or elsewhere, or via a link in email notifications. This app will provide the same information remotely while a doctor is on call or away from the hospital.

Dr Alex Menez, Pathology Services Manager and GHA Director for Information Technology Heath Watson, highlighted the great teamwork and collaboration between their departments that had brought the project to fruition. For his part, the Medical Director Danny Cassaglia said that the greatest benefit is the possibility of accessing patient results remotely as soon as these are ready, noting that it made the system more efficient, fast and intuitive.

Additionally, the app will avoid the need for follow up appointments to review blood results, thus releasing much needed slots for the general public at the Primary Care Centre.

The Modulab app software has been developed by the laboratory systems firm Izasa, which has worked closely with the GHA to programme the service to the Authority’s specific requirements.

Minister for Health, Care and Justice, the Honourable Neil F. Costa MP, said he was delighted that the new medical app was now functional. Mr Costa said: “This new medical app is a great technological innovation for the GHA. We are always striving to introduce the latest advances to improve the way in which clinicians can carry out their vitally important work. I would like to thank the various professional teams at the GHA, who have been working diligently to ensure that this new system was operational as soon as possible.”