Unite the Union and the Moroccan Community Association have issued public statements expressing concerns over the MOD's treatment of one of its employees.

Unite explains it is "horrified to see how a member of the MT Garage at the Ministry of Defence is being treated.  He received a letter on 3rd February stating that due to a language barrier he will no longer be able to carry out his current job, a job which he has done committedly during the past twenty years."

The statement adds "Important to note that our member, a Moroccan National and a Panel Beater within the MT Garage, is now after so many years asked by the RAF to study English and achieve an NVQ level 3 within a couple of months in order to be able to continue to carry out the trade he has for so long done.

We shall not comment any further and let the community once again judge the Ministry of Defence in Gibraltar for themselves."

In addition to Unite's statement, the Gibraltar Moroccan Community had the following to say;

"The Moroccan Community Association is shocked by recent events unfolding in the Ministry of Defence, in particular that of Mr Said Es-Salek, who due to a language barrier will not be permitted to carry out his job at RAF Gibraltar, once the MT Garage is transferred to its new location."

They thank Unite for raising the issue, and have called for the MOD to reconsider its position, which they feel "questions MOD's long history in leading on inequality and diversity issues."

"We stand shoulder to shoulder both with Unite and Mr Es-Salek and offer our solidarity and assistance as required" the statement ends.