Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar will now be implementing its plans to record the DNA profile of registered dogs as part of its initiative to control dog fouling in Gibraltar. Following this, it will be possible to identify the owners of dogs who foul public areas and to fine or prosecute them.

To this end, the Animals and Birds Act has been amended and comes into force on the 1st December.

The changes for dog owners will be as follows:

  • Dogs registered for the first time will need to have a blood sample collected in order for the Licensing Officer to register that dog.
  • Dogs already registered will need to have the blood sample taken when the time comes to renew their licence as is done every January.
  • The Dog Registration Fee will now be £30 and the Dog Licence Fee will be £25.
  • The penalty under the legislation for not registering, licensing or vaccinating a dog will increase from a level one (£200) to a level three (£1,000) fine.
  • The level of fines for dog fouling and for not keeping a dog under proper control (including displaying proper registration and licensing disc) have also increased from a level one (£200) to a level two (£400) fine.
  • There will a three month period to assist dog owners in arranging for the DNA samples to be taken.

Current dog licences will therefore be valid until 1st March 2017