As part of the ongoing recommendations of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport & Parking Plan, and following on from the highly successful countdown timers situated at the traffic light crossing at the Line Wall Road junction by City Hall, Government have announced the implementation of two new countdown timers to the light controlled crossings in the area of Waterport Road, one by the eastern side of the Watergardens complex and the other at Queensway junction with Waterport Roundabout.

These countdown timers will improve the existing crossing by providing a safer passage for pedestrians crossing the road. The countdown timer provides pedestrian with a visual countdown of the time remaining for safe crossing before the traffic lights continue the cycle to allow vehicular movement.

These countdown timers were commissioned yesterday, Wednesday 6th July 2016.

As part of these improvements pedestrian directional signage indicating directions to City Centre have also been strategically placed on the approach to Waterport Roundabout so that pedestrians make use of this improved light controlled crossing.