Minister Vijay Daryanani has welcomed the MS Borealis cruise ship on its inaugural visit to Gibraltar.

MS Borealis has been Sailing for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines since July 2021, which is a UK-based, Norwegian-owned cruise shipping line with four cruise ships. This vessel holds 702 cabins, with a standard capacity of 1,360 passengers and 662 crew.

MS Borealis arrived at the Gibraltar Port this morning at 0800hrs and will depart at 2000hrs. Minister Daryanani and Captain Rommel Pineda engaged in the traditional exchange of plaques at the Gibraltar cruise terminal.

The Hon Vijay Daryanani MP said “I am very pleased to welcome MS Borealis to Gibraltar for the first time. It is great to see the cruising industry start up again after the manner in which it has suffered so much over the last nineteen months. Gibraltar has missed these cruise calls immensely. I hope this is the first visit of many for this vessel and cruise ships in general”.

Further reacting to the latest statements from the GSD, Minister Daryanani said: “In the spring, Mr Bossino complained that we were going to appoint a CEO based in London. Now,in the autumn, Mr Bossino complains that we had not yet appointed a CEO based in London. In the spring, Mr Bossino complained that we made too many announcements. Now, in the autumn, Mr Bossino complains that we are not issuing enough statements about a vessel we have never heard of. I can only conclude that something has happened to Mr Bossino over the summer which has resulted in him changing his positions entirely in every respect.