A graduation ceremony for the presentation of Masters Degrees in Leadership & Management in Health, took place on Friday. The event was hosted by the School of Health Studies, Gibraltar Health Authority (GHA) on behalf of Kingston University London.

The Hon Gilbert Licudi QC attended together with the Dean, Faculty and Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor Ron Tuninga from Kingston University London. Other attendees participating in the Ceremony included academic staff and dignitaries from Kingston University London and School of Health Studies (GHA), including the Principal Dr Ron Coram, Head of School of Health Studies, Professor Ian Peate, Mrs Janet Lane, Senior Nurse Tutor and Mrs Noleen Jones, Lecturer.

The ceremony was the culmination of two years’ part-time study for those who obtained an ‘MSc in Leadership & Management in Health’. These included: Mr Wayne Barton; Mrs Rosalind Borastero Lezano; Mr Adrian Gerada; Mr Damian Ghio; Mrs Audrey Olivares-Smith; Mr Tyrone Smith; Mr Bryce Soiza; Mr Kevin Pizarro; Dr Fabian Morillo; Mr Ezzard Mir and James Vinales, who achieved a Postgraduate Diploma.

As with all academic courses, the pace was demanding as students had to undertake the rigorous assessment skills that are essential when operating within a contemporary and demanding health service. Of the 12 graduands that undertook the MSc programme, 5 achieved Distinction and a further 6 received Commendation (including the postgraduate Diploma) - a magnificent achievement. Typically, the course was based on new health leadership competencies, and all assessments were designed to have an application in the workplace.

The programme covered 6 specialist modules, research methods and a dissertation. This includes: 1. Strategic Health Management & Governance in Context; 2. Managing Health Services for Quality; 3. Leading People and Organisational Change in Health; 4. Health Services Marketing; 5. Managing Information in Health; and 6. Aspects of Financial Resource Management in Health.

All students had to demonstrate a commensurate level of academic standard prior to any consideration for higher education and for some, this meant going back to studying after several years. They also had to complete a very rigorous admissions procedure that not only fulfilled the requirements of the School of Health Studies but also Kingston University London.

The Hon. Neil Costa commented:

Working, studying and sacrificing personal time, takes an enormous amount of effort, perseverance and commitment. One must be totally dedicated and highly motivated in order to reach the very high standards set by the medical profession. This not only includes clinical work but leadership and management skills throughout the GHA. In addition, this is a unique and important opportunity to help facilitate locally based succession planning by equipping our staff with the right balance of experience, skill, knowledge, and academic study, so that they may compete for senior levels in management. I am very proud of the fact that we have this year witnessed a total of 10 students achieving Masters Degrees, with 1 deferred and finally, 1 obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma, on a programme delivered here in Gibraltar. The graduands come from an array of different backgrounds within the GHA such as Dental, Nursing, Pharmacy, Pathology, Radiography, Ambulance, and School of Health Studies. I also know that they are already practicing and applying their new found skills in leadership roles. For example, the skills nurtured will become invaluable in tuning and shaping our GHA systems, processes, and ultimately, set the tone of a contemporary and vibrant health care service. On behalf of the Government, I wish to extend my warmest congratulations.”

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