Five new ‘monkey-proof’ recycling bins have been placed at strategic points around Gibraltar. The bins were designed by Jared Peralta as part of his Design & Technology A- level in 2014. The concept was presented to Minister for the Environment, Dr. John Cortes, as a way of helping to improve the co-existence between humans and the renowned Barbary Macaques.

The bins are currently located at: 

Trafalgar Cemetery, Queens Balcony, Apes Den, Princess Caroline’s Battery


The Department of the Environment & Climate Change has liaised with Jared Peralta, the Tourist Board, the Macaque Management Team and Monkey Talks’ Brian Gomila to determine the final design & placement of the bins as well as the content of the interpretation panels included with the bins: these contain information on Gibraltar’s recycling strategy and on the Barbary Macaques themselves. Being monkey proof will mean that the macaques will not be able to create a mess in the area and, in the case of bins outside the Upper Rock, they will not serve to entice them to stay.

The Barbary Macaque-proof recycling bins have four compartments for the disposal of glass; paper & cardboard; plastics, cans and Tetra Briks as well as general waste. Gibraltar has an obligation to meet EU recycling targets and the public is encouraged to separate its waste and make use of these bins. Using recycled products saves on energy consumption, limits resource depletion, and reduces the amount of unnecessary waste that goes into landfill, all of which help to reduce air and water pollution globally.

Minister for the Environment, the Hon Dr John Cortes, stated “These bins serve several purposes and most significantly we have used an original design by a young Gibraltarian, which I hope will help encourage young people’s entrepreneurship.