The Minister for Business, the Hon Vijay Daryanani MP, has met with the BID task force to discuss the ballot procedure and how things will progress if there is a “Yes” vote for the BID.

Mo Aswat, of The Mosaic Partnership, who are developing the BID, is in Gibraltar to meet with Minister Daryanani and the task force, with ballot papers having now gone out to participating businesses so that they are able to cast their vote.

Minister Daryanani said: “We are now coming to the culmination of this procedure. The idea was first mooted three years ago. A lot has happened since then, things have changed dramatically but the Government is fully committed to helping this project succeed. If our small businesses in Main Street and surrounds ever needed our assistance, it is now. I urge our businesses to seriously consider voting YES. It will be good for Gibraltar’s image, it will be good for our town centre and, above all, it will be good for our businesses. I hope to make a positive announcement at the end of September”.