The Ministry of Business, Tourism and Transport has announced the introduction of a new school bus service, which will come into operation as from Monday 6 January 2020.

The new service is in keeping with the recommendations of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and parking Plan (STTPP) and has been introduced following customer feedback.

The School Bus, S2, will depart from Eliott’s Battery bus stop at 8:20am weekdays during school term time.

It is hoped that this initiative may result in fewer car trips as this dedicated school bus route is exclusively for the use of schoolchildren. Buses on this route will carry a bus inspector to provide supervision.

The school bus route S2 will be as follows:

Eliott’s Battery – Mosque – Europa Point – Buena Vista – North Gorge – Garrison Gym – Mount Pleasant – Shorthorn Farm – Trafalgar (top) – Queensway Quay – Commonwealth Park – Mid- Harbour Estate (East) – Bishop Canilla House – Varyl Begg Estate – Sir William Jackson Grove and ends at Waterport.

In addition to this new school bus service, Route 7 (Mount Alvernia) will have the service extended to 8:00pm on Monday to Fridays.