Government have announced that the Department of Education has today published the Code of Conduct for Teachers. The Code aims to set out what is expected of teachers in their professional role and is designed to give guidance to teachers in their professional judgment and practice.

The Code will serve as a guiding compass on professional and ethical issues. By setting out the Department’s preferred set of ethical values, it will give advice on professional relationships and will encourage teachers to aspire to values of honesty and integrity.

In addition to giving direction regarding the use of social media, it will also provide a clear explanation of the disciplinary and grievance procedures for teachers.

Finally, it is hoped that the Code will increase the public’s all-round understanding of Gibraltar’s teaching profession.

The Minister for Education, the Hon Dr John Cortes said, ‘I have been acutely aware for some time of the need for an initiative such as this. The UK’s teaching profession has had a Code of Conduct for about 20 years so I am delighted to see the publication of Gibraltar’s own Code. This won’t just be a document that sits on the headteachers’ shelves, it will be a most used and useful reference document. Furthermore, I should emphasise that the Department of Education is committed to ensuring that the Code of Conduct is promoted and, when necessary updated, so as to maintain public trust and confidence in our excellent teaching profession.’