AquaGib is currently implementing nightly restrictions to water supply. The reason for this is to allow production to be transferred to the Waterworks reservoirs and build up stock.

However, as stock levels remain low, there will still be water pressure issues and interruptions on the following day.

"Unfortunately, as a result of the damage to water pipes"  AquaGib explains, "we are currently in a position where stock levels are low. Therefore, this process may not allow full pressure and supply throughout the whole of Gibraltar when the restrictions are removed each morning."

Water pressure and water supply are two separate issues. This means that although water supply may not be physically cut off, consumers may still not have water because of the low water pressure.

Production of water will increase once works are completed and reconnection to the Governor’s Cottage Reverse Osmosis Plant is established. AquaGib expects stock levels to recover and the daily pressure and interruption issues to reduce.

AquaGib thank the public for their continued understanding as they work to improve the situation.