Fabian Picardo, Joseph Garcia and Marlene Hassan Nahon, leaders of the GSLP, the Liberal Party and Together Gibraltar respectively, joined forces in a video to ask for a ‘yes vote’ in the upcoming referendum on the amendment of the crimes act that will regulate abortions in Gibraltar.

The three leaders put their political differences aside to collaborate with the “Gibraltar for Yes” official campaign as we enter the last week of campaigning.

Ms Hassan Nahon focused her message on the issue of human rights and expressed her trust in Gibraltarian women and the GHA. Dr. Garcia delivered a pragmatic message expressing the need to accept reality and regulate an activity that is currently happening outside of the law, and Fabian Picardo dispelled myths about the "radical" nature of the proposed reform, calling claims from the GPLM that the new law will allow for abortions on demand up to nine months a "blatant lie".

The three leaders will be campaigning vigorously in the last days before the referendum, and urge the entire population to take part in what they hope will be an exemplary exercise of democracy.