In keeping with Government’s environmental objectives and with the view of keeping our beaches and the sea, free from plastic contamination, ‘Bubbles’ the environmentally friendly plastic eating fish will be resident at Eastern Beach as from today.

‘Bubbles’, a metallic frame structure, 4 metres by 2 metres by 2 metres in size, has been deployed at Eastern Beach and will be the perfect receptacle for all plastic items that beach users may wish to dispose of in an environmentally friendly fashion. ‘Bubbles’ can be easily emptied once full in order to start receiving plastics items again; its contents designated for recycling.

The aim is to raise public awareness regarding the dangers of plastic contamination in our marine environment whilst physically helping with the removal of plastics from our beaches. This campaign is conducted as a general public initiative and Government have said it encourages everyone to actively participate.

Please feed plastics to ‘Bubbles’ and not any other fish!