The Ministry for Equality recently launched a street art competition entitled ‘Inspiring Women’.

The aim of the competition, in addition to the beautification of Gibraltar through street art, is to raise the profile and visibility of women who traditionally are under-represented in many sectors of society.

The theme of the competition is deliberately broad to allow for various interpretations of the subject matter through this medium. The aim is for entries to portray a particular woman or women, with a Gibraltar connection, who through their endeavours and accomplishments have inspired and will continue to inspire others in the future. The art design can feature a more generic representation of a woman or women, but the ultimate purpose will be to inspire women.

The competition is a collaboration between the Ministry for Equality, Ministry of Heritage and the Ministry of Culture and will be managed by Gibraltar Cultural Services.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 7th June.

Further details are available from Gibraltar Cultural Services, 308 Main Street, Tel: 20067236, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.