Government have announced the launch of new bus stop flagpole signage as a first stage of bus stop improvements.

This first stage will be carried out in phases. The first phase will include bus stops along the Eastside, North District and the Town Centre. The first flagpole sign will be sited at Referendum Gates Bus Stop. These new signs will improve the overall bus experience by providing better information to bus users.

A spokesperson for the Govt said that the new signs are designed to be more user friendly, providing clearer information regarding the name and location of the bus stop, the bus routes servicing the bus stop with their respective ending termini and the specific bus routes’ direction.

The bus stop signs will feature a new branding which will help clearly identify the bus stop, especially to visitors, but also regular users. This new logo will represent Public Transport in Gibraltar, and will be visible to the general Public on the Gibraltar Bus Company’s bus fleet and on the new bus stop signs.

Other improvements as part of the whole initiative to further develop the existing bus service provided will include:

• A new bus network map – these are at the final stages of design and will be launched shortly. The bus map will have all bus stop locations named, listed and displayed on a schematic diagram in line with the new bus stop signs and corresponding names 

• New revised bus timetables in each bus stop

• New route diagrams – displaying the routes servicing the specific bus stop

The above developments will complement the successful launch of the Bus Tracker Web App in early 2017, which delivers useful real-time information and provides users with a much improved service.

The Public are reminded that the Bus Tracker is available for all routes including the two night bus routes N1 and N8. The night bus, which services the Upper Town and from Both Worlds to Europa Road, is available from 9pm to 2am on Friday and Saturday nights.

The Minister with responsibility for Public Transport, the Hon. Paul Balban said, “I am delighted to introduce a number of improvements to the existing bus stop signage which will bring the bus service in line with today’s need for clearer and more meaningful signage. These initiatives which will help bring the public transport offering into the 21st Century and will help complement the excellent bus tracker service already available to users.