"The Technical Services Department is currently assessing the cause of the rock fall and is liaising with a specialist firm of Geotechnical Engineers to determine the latent risk of further rock falls in the area."

Other than the main rock fall event at Devil’s Tower Road, there have been reports of a few other minor rock falls in the Upper Rock and also from the slopes directly above the Eco Park at Flint Road.

Government have said it has an ongoing cliff stabilisation and rock fall protection programme for these and other cliff faces in Gibraltar and is continuously upgrading and maintaining existing rock fall mitigating measures to reduce the risks associated with the rock fall hazard when these events occur. Following this major rock fall, an assessment of the North face will be carried out to determine the extent of the risks of further major rock falls in the area.

The continued unsettled weather is currently making this assessment difficult and hampering the clearing out operation and it is therefore not yet possible to state categorically when the road will be reopened.