The University of Gibraltar will host an event on Thursday 10th March 2022 to celebrate the official opening and inauguration of the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG).

The invite-only event will include addresses from Minister Cortes and Minister Isola, as well as an overview of the research being conducted within the CERG, delivered by its Chair, Professor Zsolt Demetrovics.

Following the addresses, guests will be invited to take a tour of the CERG’s new offices, housed in the North Wing (previously St Christopher’s School complex), for the formal inauguration by Minister Isola.

Additionally, the event will offer guests the opportunity to learn more about the University of Gibraltar’s newly-revised Introduction to Remote Gambling online course. All units of the course were developed in close consultation with HMGoG Gambling Division and using feedback collated from Licensed Gambling Operators.

The event will take place on Thursday 10th March, from 15.00 to 16.30 at the University of Gibraltar.

Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming

The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Gaming (CERG) is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary research institute that aims to study the etiological factors of addictive disorders and contribute to their effective prevention and treatment.

The CERG’s goal is to gain a deeper understanding of gambling behaviour and addiction processes through research, and contribute to evidence-based safer gambling interventions.

For more information on the CERG, please visit: