The Government has said it will continue to raise the passport stamping of blue Gibraltar Civilian Registration Card holders at the border. It has already made clear in public that it is not satisfied with the situation and that it would like to see a resolution of this matter.

'The default position on our departure from the European Union and the end of the transition was the stamping of all UK passports in line with the requirements of the Schengen Border Code. This means the stamping of all passports on the way in and again on the way out. The reason for this is to keep count of the 90 in 180 day visa-free entitlement period in Schengen for UK passport holders.'

'It will be recalled that as part of the measures in place while a new treaty on the future relationship of Gibraltar with the EU is concluded, Spain unilaterally volunteered that they would not stamp the passports of those who hold a red Gibraltar identity card or a blue Gibraltar Civilian Registration card.'

'However, following new procedures governing the entry of EU nationals into the United Kingdom itself, the passports of the holders of blue civilian registration cards started to be stamped at the border on entry to and exit from Schengen. Given what the default position actually is, it is clear that this limits what the United Kingdom or Gibraltar can actually do.'

'It is relevant to point out, nonetheless, that the stamping of all UK passports in and out of the Schengen Area would also be the default position in the event of no agreement on the future relationship of Gibraltar with the EU. That is to say, what is happening now to blue civilian registration card holders will happen to all Gibraltar residents and Gibraltarians, regardless of status and colour of ID or Civilian Registration Cards. This is why the Government identified the importance of frontier fluidity for everyone early on and is working on a treaty based on the New Year’s Eve Agreement to provide exactly this.'