Over the past week soldiers from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s I Company took part in Exercise Macaque Malice.

The aim of the exercise was to test and rehearse offensive actions in Gibraltar with a number of attacks taking place around the MoD estate. The 4-day exercise concentrated on subterranean operations using the world-famous tunnel system here in Gibraltar.

I Company - formally G Company - is the Infantry Company of the RG. Its role as a light infantry Company - held at readiness - is to protect key military assets in Gibraltar. In addition to this tasking, members are often deployed abroad on operations and training.

Last week’s exercise was the culmination of a month-long training package which involved a revisit to core military skills in the offensive spectrum of operations. Members of the Company conducted a number of patrols and attacks around Gibraltar, testing their capacity to reach remote locations using a combination of military transport and foot patrols. This tested the soldiers’ stamina and the ability to operate in complete darkness.

Officer Commander I Company Major Jose Garcia White stated: “The Company is in a great space, we are innovating the way we conduct some of our operations in Gibraltar. This month we have been working on how we work closely with each other in specific operations.

Major Garcia White added: “In the next few months we will be training in some core skill sets which underpin all of this, including some off-road driving training in the UK and team medics courses. As an officer commanding a Company there is no better experience than seeing how well the troops can perform, and during the four days last week they did just that, taking everything in their stride and more importantly, working together to overcome every challenge I threw at them."

I Company have now resumed routine duties and can be seen guarding the Convent on a daily basis.

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is currently recruiting. If you are interested in joining you can visit the recruitment office at King’s Bastion or call the recruitment team leader on 58009727. Alternatively search for @RoyalGIBRegt and @MODGibraltar to follow what they are doing.