The Housing Department has introduced an Enforcements and Compliance Office responsible for: Investigating complaints • Taking necessary action to rectify breaches • Litigation liaison • Arrears recovery.

The Housing Department says it is committed to providing a professional service to all its tenants and clients.

The Department is introducing an in-house complaints procedure and welcomes any grievances or complaints to assist in improving their services and standards.

Should a tenant not be satisfied and feel their respective query has not been addressed in an adequate manner after dealing with a Housing Department’s staff member and their line manager, the tenant may proceed to lodge a complaint with the Department in one of the following ways:

• In writing to: Housing Department, Unit 79 New Harbours, Harbours Walk, Gibraltar

• By e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Housing Department will then proceed to follow a five-point complaint process:

• Acknowledge the complaint within 21 days of receiving the complaint.

• Review the complaint and determine if any further information or additional documentation is required.

• Investigate the complaint objectively and impartially.

• Respond and notify the complainant of the findings and of the actions taken regarding the complaint.

• Record the complaint as part of their continuous improvement and monitoring. Personal information will be stored in accordance with relevant privacy legislation.

It should be noted that the Office of the Ombudsman requires that all complaints be addressed through this in-house complaints procedure, before they are submitted for an independent review.