Her Worship the Mayor Kaiane Aldorino Lopez, in collaboration with Women in Business, held a reception for the participants of the Young People to Young Leaders workshops, held at the Garrison Library on 4th March.

From the discussions that took place at the workshop, word clouds depicting the various themes, hopes, and concerns the young people had raised, were composed. In addition, the participants were encouraged to write in a "thought book" which Women In Business intend to compile into a publication, together with the word clouds, action points and resolutions that arose from the workshops.

The theme of the workshops was Balance for Better, in line with the 2019 theme of International Women's Day. Experienced local leaders, including His Excellency the Governor, Her Worship the Mayor, Pat Orfila, Nyreen Llamas, Mark Randall and Lewis Stagnetto, delivered the workshops. The young people from school years 10 and above engaged in lively and intelligent discussions on the theme of creating a better balance in terms of diversity and inclusion for future leaders.

At the reception, Her Worship thanked the young participants for their important contributions and told them that the leaders of today needed to hear their voices in order to pave the way for a better-balanced future. She told the gathering that she would have very much enjoyed the opportunity to participate in dialogue and discussion of this nature when she was 15 and reminded the young people gathered that they had demonstrated such enthusiasm, and generated interesting and thought provoking ideas during the workshops. She assured them that they had many possibilities for reinvention during their lives and they should make the most effort to be the best version of themselves, as they go forward in their chosen paths.

Many of the young students expressed enthusiasm for attending similar dialogue-based events in the future and valued the opportunity to have open and honest discussions with their peers and the group leaders.