Government has said it notes the resignations of the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson MP and the Brexit Secretary David Davis MP, both who have been strong supporters of Gibraltar in Government and outside it, and they have no doubt that this support will continue.

The Chief Minister has already written to Mr Johnson and Mr Davis to thank them and has also written to the new Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab MP.

'The Government has worked hard since the referendum of June 2016 in order to drive home the priorities of Gibraltar to the United Kingdom Government and to all the political parties represented at Westminster. The governmental changes will have no impact on the strong support that Gibraltar enjoys across the House.'

The Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister both explained to the Gibraltar Parliament last week the detailed and intensive work that the Government of Gibraltar continues to undertake in London. 'We are leaving no stone unturned as we prepare to leave the European Union and this will not change. Indeed, this work was acknowledged by the Opposition itself in Parliament.

Therefore the public should not listen to alarmist voices who have failed to make a positive contribution so far and who have a clear political axe to grind.

The Opposition in Gibraltar and the Independent Member have been given a detailed blow by blow account of what is happening behind the scenes, so they are fully aware of what the Government has done to secure Gibraltar’s corner 24 months on. This includes the UK-Gibraltar agreement for continued market-access by Gibraltar financial services and on-line gaming companies into the United Kingdom.'

There have been Brexit discussions with senior officials from the UK Government, as the two Governments continue to work closely together going forward.