February 4th is World Cancer Day and for the third year running the Gibraltar Cancer Charities have all teamed up together with the GHA to support this worldwide event.

Giovi Vinales, Chairperson of Cancer Research UK (Gibraltar Branch) said,  "Through the celebration of World Cancer Day, it is intended to bring everyone together to reflect upon what you, as an individual, can do to support the overriding cause."

World Cancer Day is a truly global event which intends to unite the world’s population in the common fight against cancer.

The Gibraltar Cancer Charities will be holding a joint event at the Piazza promoting and creating awareness, which can ultimately result in prevention and early detection.

"Please come along to the Piazza on Monday 5 February to assist us in decorating our wall of support and help us collect responses to this year’s question - ‘What is important to you in cancer care for 2018?’ "

"Taking place under the global tagline ‘We Can. I Can’ World Cancer Day 2018 will explore how everyone – either collectively or as individuals – can do their part to reduce the global burden of cancer. Its aim is to prevent millions of cancer-related deaths each year by raising awareness and education about this disease and on the steps one can take to lead a healthier lifestyle with the aim of preventing cancers.

World Cancer Day’s primary objective is very simple – to get as many people as possible around the globe to talk about cancer on 4 February.

Whatever you choose to do ‘We Can. I Can’ make a difference to the fight against cancer."


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