In view of the delays in businesses applying for their Main Street permits, and the number of these permits that each firm requires, Government have stated they will be extending the period for submission of permit applications by a further period of 7 days.

The new arrangements for delivery within Main Street will now commence as of Monday 17th July 2017, although the hours by which commercial vehicles are required to have completed their deliveries and be out of the pedestrianised zone will continue to be 9:30am.

It is expected that this will give the aforementioned businesses time to apply and collect their new permits, and for firms who wish to apply for further permits to make their submissions for consideration. All such applications are to be made to the Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning for due consideration immediately.

Applications should be sent to:

Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning

Suite 735,


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.