During World Book Week at St Paul’s First School, Mrs Mahtani and her Reception class were delighted to receive a full sized gingerbread house from the mother of pupil Nathaniel Leon.

It had taken Mrs Leon three weeks to make and was covered in different varieties of sweets, making it extremely visually appealing to the children. Many classes were taken to see the gingerbread house during the week and the children in Mrs Mahtani’s class all took home some wrapped up sweetie sticks from the basket of sweets accompanying the house.

Nathaniel Leon dressed up as Hansel and his friend Lauren Muscat dressed up as Gretel. Mrs Mahtani read the Hansel and Gretel story with a picture book and the gingerbread house brought the story to life.

The children are now using the gingerbread house for role-playing. St Paul’s First School would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Leon for the time and effort she put into sharing her creativity with the Reception class.