As part of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan, the Government have announced the deployment of New Parking Management Officers (PMOs). Gibraltar Car Parks Limited has entered into a contractual Agreement with Gibraltar Parking Management Services Limited for the provision of the enforcement of the Traffic (Parking & Waiting) Regulations.

This new set-up will make an immense contribution assisting the RGP in dealing with the indiscriminate parking all around Gibraltar, in particular within many Government Estates. It will not only ensure the proper policing of cleaning campaigns and thus the re-circulation of vehicles, but also with the towing away of derelict and obstructing vehicles thereby freeing up much needed on-street parking. With the implementation of the new Residential Parking Schemes soon to be rolled out, it is imperative that there is proper management of such a scheme and these officers will play a very important role in its success.

The PMOs have received two weeks extensive training at Bleak House Training Institution, which included an in-depth study of the Traffic (Parking & Waiting) Regulations 2011 and Control of Traffic Regulations, First Aid, Physical Intervention Skills and Conflict Management Training. They were on our streets as from yesterday but will commence a period of two weeks on the job training and will begin in earnest as from 1st September.

The Minister for Transport, Traffic and Technical Services, the Hon. P J Balban, said: “Parking enforcement forms the backbone of the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan. It is of utmost importance to ensure that we tackle indiscriminate parking, derelict vehicles and oversee that the finite resource that is parking locally can be enjoyed across the board by all that require it”.