The Friends of Gibraltar Group in London have invited Mr Joe Caruana MBE to give the Group and its friends a talk on his latest book "THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SIR ROBERT PELIZA".

The book took two years to write and involved extensive research of documents both at the Gibraltar and National Archives in London.

Joe was a Minister in the Peliza Integrationist Government, the IWBP and was Minster for Heath and also Public Works during the years when Franco had closed the Frontier.  He served in the House of Assembly from 1969 to 1975.

Joe has also written three other books, his first book was the story of the Caruana family and includes Joe's extensive travels. The second book was WHEN THE HANDMAN CAME, the true account of the Opisso murder case. His third book was a historical novel of the fight for Malta during the days of the reign of Sultan Sulliman the Magnificent and Jean de la Vallette, Grand Master of the Knights of St. John.

Joe leaves on Sunday for London at the invitation of the Friends of Gibraltar.