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      Government publishes new Town Planning legislation

      The Government has today published a Command Paper for a new Town Planning Act. The purpose of the legislation is to revise, modernise and strengthen the law on Town Planning.


      Gibraltar Security Council

      The Gibraltar Security Council (GSC) which consists of the Governor, the Chief Minister, the Commissioner of the RGP and the Commander British Forces, met at 1200 Wednesday 1st July.


      Works continue to progress at Northern Defences

      The cleaning and refurbishment works at the Northern Defences continue to progress.


      University Students Summer Jobs Scheme 2015

      A total of 382 students have so far applied for the University Students Summer Jobs Scheme with all these applications having been processed.


      Youth Centre Raffle

      A group of members from the Youth Centre recently took part in a fundraising event and raffled a hamper with a variety of gifts donated by local businesses.


      Hammond Doesn't Answer Simplest Question

      The Government notes that Trevor Hammond, the Chairman of the GSD, has failed to address the simple issue of whether or not he was aware that the Lloyd's Register Report he presented was prepared by a commercial concern.


      Chief Minister did not support petition to ban LNG tankers

      The Chief Minister did not support any petition to do with banning LNG tankers in 2007.


      Formal Response to Leader of the Opposition

      The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, has today responded to the challenge from the Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Feetham, to repeat the things he said in Parliament during the course of his intervention last week by saying he stands by everything he said.


      Crime Awareness Week 2015 – Day 4

      Protect yourself from Pick-Pockets.


      Gibraltar House Brussels hosts ESBA Board Meeting

      This morning Gibraltar House Brussels hosted a board meeting of the European Small Business Association (ESBA), which has its headquarters in the city and represents over one million small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed people from 35 countries.


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