Following an imagined terrorist incident, staff across Gibraltar’s emergency services have taken part in Exercise LIVEX in which they have practised their response plans and their ability to work with other relevant agencies.

In the scenario, a fictional attack on a bus in Little Bay had resulted in several deaths and multiple casualties. The responders’ task was made more difficult by the possible presence of an explosive device which the terrorists had placed under the bus. Meanwhile RGP officers hunted across the Rock for the perpetrators of the attack.

The Strategic Co-ordinating Group was convened in No6 Convent Place under the leadership of Minister Gilbert Licudi and the Commissioner of Police, Ian McGrail.

Minister Licudi said, ‘It is important that we test our plans regularly and that we learn from exercises like LIVEX. Obviously, we hope that we are never faced with problems such as these but, nonetheless, we must always be on our guard and well prepared against the threat of terrorism.