This year’s Calpe Conference promises to be of great interest to a wide public, especially those with an interest in Natural History and Nature Conservation.

Leading specialists from around the world will gather in Gibraltar from the 20th to the 24th September to discuss the subject of Rewilding. The Rewilding concept is gathering momentum across the world. It aims at restoring wild places and their constituent species in places where they became extinct as a result of human intervention. Rewilding is an ecological restoration strategy and has focused on restoring mega-faunas, the large emblematic animals whose presence can influence the structure and function of ecosystems.

This conference will aim at discussing the scientific basis of the method and aims to evaluate Rewilding’s current scientific basis, discuss the main lessons learned from ongoing Rewilding projects and consider the way ahead. The Conference starts on Thursday 21st September at the University of Gibraltar. As in previous years registration if free for residents of Gibraltar.

In addition, a pre-conference symposium will be held at the same venue on Wednesday 20th September. This event is also open to the general public and the subject that will be discussed is “Reintroductions and Tracking of animals with special reference to Gibraltar”. The speakers at this symposium will be a mix of local biologists and invited speakers from abroad. They will provide an exciting complement and prelude to the Calpe Conference itself.


The programmes and further information and registration forms may be obtained from the Gibraltar Museum or its website: