A comprehensive multi-agency search was initiated last night for a passenger reported lost overboard from an Algeciras ferry.

Following a report from the Algeciras Salvamento Maritimo at 19:30 hrs on Sunday evening that a passenger from the outbound Algeciras ferry had been lost overboard, Gibraltar Port Authority launched a full scale search.

Multiple maritime assets from the Port Authority, RGP, GDP, HM Customs, Royal Navy, Gibraltar Squadron and the Environment Agency all took part in the search, together with a helicopter and two boats from the Salvamento Maritimo in an area centred 2.2 nautical miles west-southwest of Europa Point.

After several hours the Salvamento Maritimo called off their search. Within BGTW the search continued with the Gibraltar assets until 23:00 hrs when all agencies were finally stood down after an extensive and thorough search of the Bay for nearly four hours.

A further scaled-down search was carried out this morning.

CEO and Captain of the Port, Commodore Bob Sanguinetti, said “Gibraltar's multiple agencies came together to work on an extensive and coordinated search. It is unfortunate that on this occasion the lost ferry passenger was not found.