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FULL NAME:  Kayley Mifsud
AGE:      23    
STAR SIGN:  Taurus
COLOUR OF HAIR:  Light Brown

HOBBIES & INTERESTS:  From a very young age I have enjoyed dancing and all forms of Performing Arts. I enjoy taking part in outdoor activities and sports and have a keen interest in learning how to improve my health through fitness and nutrition.

LANGUAGES SPOKEN:  English & Spanish.

AMBITION (ACADEMIC/PROFESSIONAL):  To continue to learn and become a highly competent health and safety advisor and use my knowledge and experience to create a better and safer environment for people at work.

YOUR IDEA OF A PERFECT DAY:  A warm summer’s day spent outdoors in the company of my Family and Friends

WHAT DO YOU MOST LIKE ABOUT GIBRALTAR:  I love how safe I feel when I am here and I love how we have a multi-cultural society who have lived and grown together peacefully throughout the years.

WHY HAVE YOU ENTERED THE PAGEANT:  I think this will be a fun and great experience and I would love to be given the chance to represent and promote my country abroad. I was also encouraged to learn that all the money we will raise will be going towards Calpe House.

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE MISS GIBRALTAR:  Becoming Miss Gibraltar is a great honour. I would like to use the experience and skills gained to benefit the community and use this as a platform to become involved in a variety of charity work.