The Govt says it ‘notes the latest statement made by the Opposition in respect of the Bill to amend the Public Finance Borrowing Powers Act. This Bill can be debated in Parliament in February. The Government does not consider it an urgent Bill that needs to be certified as one to be passed after less than six weeks of its publication.’

The statement adds ‘It is in Parliament that all the relevant arguments can be considered by Members who will then be able to determine whether or not to support the Bill. That in itself demonstrates that there is no urgent issue to deal with, as Mr Feetham purported to suggest, once again fanning the flames of fear in his usual attempts to scaremonger in relation to public finances.’
The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, said: "I am surprised and disappointed at the manner in which the GSD has decided to go about their consideration of this Bill. They have not even waited for the debate in Parliament before pouncing, with made up arguments, once again trying to misrepresent the state of Gibraltar’s public finances. What is remarkable is that a party that went to an election talking about raising the debt ceiling should be taking issue with this Government’s more conservative amendment. "