On Friday 2nd February, St Paul’s School hosted a new whole school event, ‘St Paul’s Goes Camping ’, for their children to enjoy.

With a view to promote outdoor and active learning, collaboration and social communication skills, this initiative focused on providing children with a wide range of activities to highlight the importance of rest, warmth, taking care of nature, belonging to a group and key life skills.

To help bring learning to life and support this theme, the children were invited to come to school wearing their pyjamas and bring along their favourite cushion and/or stuffed toy. The school entrances were transformed into camping-style ‘check-in’ desks and each child was gifted with their own glow stick on entry to school.

The children thoroughly enjoyed this event and participated in a number of learning tasks which included the children roasting their own marshmallows, making hot chocolate, singing campfire songs around their base camp in the school’s Outdoor Forest Zone, as well as taking part in sessions led by members of the wider community such as Scout Leaders and Girl Guides. The children were also surprised by a member of the Sea Scouts who came along to play the bagpipes. Once the school day concluded, the children and their loved ones were also able to go inside the St Paul’s Camper Van which was parked outside and take photos to have as a keepsake of this school experience.

St Paul’s School would like to thank everyone who assisted in making this initiative such a successful one, especially the pupils’ loved ones for their continuous support in helping the school to make learning a fun and memorable experience for their children.

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