St. Paul’s School hosted their traditional One Love event last week as part of their World Book Week celebrations.

The One Love initiative which was spearheaded by the school’s Headteacher, Mr Aguilera, over 5 years ago,involves each child inviting a loved one to school to join them to work together on an activity. It aims to provide children with the opportunity to learn with a member of their family and develop some of the core elements of learning skills such as teamwork, communication and critical thinking. With a view to make the children’s World Book Day costumes more personalised and meaningful, as has been the case at St. Paul’s for the past few years, the One Love activity consisted of the children interacting with their loved one to create their own unique t-shirt. This then served as their outfit to wear on World Book Day (Thursday 2nd March). The t-shirt’s theme was based around the school’s World Book Week focus book, ‘Bloom’ by Anne Booth.

The Literacy skill for the school’s World Book Week has been instructional writing. Throughout the week, the children have worked together to create leaflets and advertisements with instructions on “how to bloom”. This has helped to promote the importance of acts of kindness which is one of St. Paul’s core values. The school’s English Coordinator, Mrs Navas, organised a range of different activities for the week to enthuse and empower the children. These have included a visit to Westside School’s English Department which involved the children showcasing their learning outcomes to their older counterparts, as well as educational trips in which the children aimed to positively influence the wider community. They have shared their learning outcomes beyond their school walls, displaying their class instructions and advice on “how to bloom'' in places such as St Bernard’s Hospital, Eroski and Ocean Village and Gibral Flora.

The grand finale to the week was a “Masked Reader” assembly where the children guessed which teaching staff were reading their favourite books, behind the mystery mask.

The week was enjoyed by all and the school would like to thank the children’s loved ones for their support in helping to make this week a memorable one.