AquaGib and the Gibraltar Electricity Authority have remodelled their monthly invoices to all consumers to show the value of the Government Subsidy to their monthly invoice.

In a joint statement released today, Aquagib and GEA explain that increases in the cost of fuel arising from global events materially impact on the cost of these services and this transparency will enable consumers to understand the extent of this subsidy which will increase or decrease as costs fluctuate.

'As from the February 2023, utility bills will now include a new information box, which relates to the subsidy. Although consumers will be aware of this subsidy in the provision of electricity, they may not be aware of the impact of this subsidy on AquaGib. The highest cost in the production of water is electricity, and the subsidy therefore also has an impact on the cost of water to consumers.'

'The new information box created, will allow you, our customers, to see the level of subsidy on your utility bills, both as a percentage as well as a monetary value. This information will represent the true value of the services being provided, and the level of support that HMGOG, through both utilities, offers all consumers.'

Below is an example of the information box that will appear in your utility bills.