Gibraltar for Yes campaign has said it is delighted to see the results of the Abortion Referendum being implemented so expeditiously by the Gibraltar Health Authority.

The campaign released a statement to say that the commencement of the service, well within the 28 days required in law, demonstrates the hard work and commitment that has already taken place in the last year on the part of Dr Chandrika Balachandar and the Gynaecology Department.

"The provision of a confidential, timely service, with optional ‘cooling off’ periods, counselling and family planning services, are evidence that there is a clear intention to support pregnant people in making a truly informed choice, without enduring unnecessary delays. Furthermore we are highly reassured that the latest evidence-based healthcare as advocated by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and National Institute of Clinical Guidelines (NICE) has formed the basis of the GHA policies and guidelines. We are also very heartened to hear the Minister for Health announce that no medical professionals involved in the provision of this fundamental health care right, has objected to providing this service. Gibraltar for Yes hopes that all these support services will be available in a timely manner and will continue to be available as an integral part of any abortion service provision at present and in the foreseeable future. Finally Gibraltar for Yes would like to urge any people experiencing a crisis pregnancy now or in the future, to place their trust in the GHA for holistic, non-judgemental care and support."