The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority is responsible for the management of the radio spectrum in Gibraltar. This includes ensuring that all licensed and licence-exempt radio transmitters comply with guidelines adopted by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (“ICNIRP”).

This standard has been adopted by HM Government of Gibraltar and provides the basis by which the GRA measures the power levels in respect of electromagnetic fields (“EMF”), emitted by the various transmitters around Gibraltar.

In order to better the efforts to ensure that radio transmitters, including next generation mobile network antennas are compliant with the ICNIRP guidelines, the GRA has invested in equipment which is able to continuously monitor EMF levels throughout Gibraltar in the frequency band 20MHz to 40GHz. The band includes all spectrum currently used for mobile telephony, radar, Wi-Fi and broadcasting services, both locally and from neighbouring countries.

The equipment initially consists of four fixed monitoring units, an indoor deployable unit (for use inside buildings), and a handheld portable unit to measure EMF at any location around Gibraltar. The fixed and deployable units monitor EMF levels in real time and automatically upload the information onto a publicly available portal that can be accessed in the following link

Additionally, the portal includes information on the locations of the fixed monitoring units and EMF measurements.

This new equipment will complement the existing spectrum analysers used by the GRA to identify sources of interference.