Gibraltar Cultural Services, on behalf of the Ministry for Culture, have announced the winner for this year’s Spring Festival Logo competition.

The First Prize and winning entry was awarded to Emma Duarte. The winning entry will receive a cash prize of £500, with the logo displayed in all printed and marketing material produced under the 2021 Spring Festival umbrella.

With 141 entries and the high standards received, the panel decided to grant a further 9 highly commended awards as follows:

 • Jaakko Tikkanen                    Adult Entry

• Darion Figueredo                    Adult Entry

• Natasha Cottrell                      Adult Entry

• Caroline Buttigieg                   Adult Entry

• Yasser Haberland                   Westside Comprehensive School

• Alicia Capurro                         Westside Comprehensive School

• Jacelynn Lane                        Bayside Comprehensive School

• Beau Lily Reyes                      St Bernard's Middle School

• Lily Jade Sawyer-Viner           St Bernard's Middle School


The recipients will receive their prizes after Easter in a prize giving ceremony to be held at City Hall.

Gibraltar Cultural Services would like to thank all participants and all the educational establishments and their teachers for their participation.