The Chief Minister convened a virtual meeting of Platinum Command this morning in view of the increase in active cases of COVID-19 in Gibraltar.

The meeting reviewed the latest situation report and statistical data in relation to the ongoing pandemic. The position today is that there are 68 active cases with one person hospitalised at St Bernard’s Hospital.

'The message to the people of Gibraltar remains that they take sensible precautions when going about their business. This includes the use of face-masks where required, maintaining social distancing and continuing with regular hand-washing and hygiene measures. It is of particular importance that those persons over 70 and those with underlying health conditions take adequate steps to protect themselves.'

'The meeting agreed nonetheless that Gibraltar is now better prepared and better equipped than at any time since the pandemic begun. The Nightingale facility remains mothballed in the Europa Sports Hall and, in the event that it is required at short notice, a total of 190 beds can be activated there within 72 hours and a further 110 beds within one week.'

Platinum reviewed the different scenarios which would trigger further action in the context of confirmed cases and hospitalisations. The group will meet again tomorrow morning in order to receive specific public health advice on such matters and on what needs to be done to tackle the increased number of active cases.

Platinum Command sits at the top of the civil contingencies structure. The virtual meeting today, which was chaired by the Chief Minister, included His Excellency the Governor Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, the Deputy Chief Minister Dr Joseph Garcia, the Minister for Public Health Professor John Cortes, the Minister for Health and Civil Contingencies Samantha Sacramento, the Civil Contingencies Coordinator Ivor Lopez and the Chief of Staff at MOD Gibraltar.