32 year old French National Edouard Grimaz was arrested yesterday on suspicion of theft of monies and goods from Amar’s bakery situated at Convent Place.

The RGP said this was a result of the defendant being identified from CCTV footage. He was observed by officers at Sir Herbert Miles Road and was also found to be in breach of Civil Contingency regulations after numerous lawful requests for him to reside at the Garrison Gym temporary shelter. Mr Grimaz had continually refused to comply after several interventions by Police over the weekend. As a result, he was further arrested for Obstructing Police in breach of the regulations. He was later charged with the offences of Theft and Obstructing Police. The total value of the property stolen is approximately £15.00.

In a separate incident yesterday evening, following a report of a noise complaint from within a residence at Lime Kiln Steps, Officers attended and found 42 year old Ian McIntosh and 37 year old Lizanne Golt under the influence of alcohol, neither resided at the address. Due to the current Coronavirus Civil Contingency Regulations they were not permitted to be there. Both were informed that they were required to return to their own residences but were non compliant and refused. They were arrested for Obstructing Police and later charged with the offence. These arrests were made after they had previously been warned that they were in breach of the regulations.

All three defendants were due to appear in Magistrates Court today.